rustic beams

Imitations of nature created by Garninni.

Our company is a manufacturer of 3D decorative panels imitating natural stone which is Travertine and rustic beams. Our product Travertine and rustic beams is a steadfast reconstruction of sedimentary rock/wood found in nature, consisting of mainly calcite and aragonite. This product is characterized by elegance and charm, because it maps in hundredths of a millimeter on the structure of natural. Satin surface with a specific structure and the colors which are soft and warm, so it applies to both the interior,modern, classic, and rustic.

Special rustic beams in Castle UNIEJÓW

It is produced in a standard size plates 60x30x 1, 5 cm (TRAVERTIN) and 09×06 ;11×07; 12×12; 28×12; 24x14cm (RUSTIC BEAMS). The technology for producing molded polyurethane foam, which .Characteristic properties can achieve precise mapping of the statement and color of the product. .The panel can also be painted with acrylic paints by what we can enhance the natural look of veins and how to create the effect of contamination in nature. The advantage of this unique product is not only thermal insulation and sound, but also the incredible weight lightness. The load design is only about 3 kg / m2. With natural stone is 71 kg / m2, the thickness ..Easy installation produces a wide range of applications as a decorative (Faux –Finish) material in individual construction.


Our products are made from materials produced in Poland, which possess the requisit approvals. They are also produced using modern, patented green Eco-technology so that they are safe for health and the environment.

bamboo 3d panel

Offer of a Garninni.


BCR0906 – Light (Dimension 9x6cm, length 2m, 3m, 4m) Price: 32,90 PLN / mb

BCR0906 – Dark (Dimension 9x6cm, length 2m, 3m, 4m) Price: 32,90 PLN / mb

Belki rusyykalne

Rustic beams BCR0906 Dark

BCR1107 – Light (Dimension11x7cm, length 2m,3m,4m)               Price: 39,90 zł/mb


Rustic beams BCR1107 Light

BCR1107 – Dark (Dimension 11x7cm, length 2m,3m,4m)           Price: 39,90 zł/mb

Belki rusyykalne

Rustic beams BCR1107 Dark

BCR1212 – Light (Dimension 12x12cm, length 2m,3m,4m)            Price: 49,90 zł/mb 41,99zł/mb

Belki rustykalne

Rustic beams BCR1212 Light

BCR1212 – Dark (Dimension 12x12cm, length 2m,3m,4m)         Price: 49,90 zł/mb 41,99zł/mb

Belki rustykalne

Rustic beams BCR1212 Dark

BCR1812 – Light (Dimension 18x12cm, length 2m,3m,4m).            Price: 62,90 zł/mb 54,99zł/mb

Belki rustykalne

Rustic beams BCR1812 Light

BCR1812 – Dark (Dimension 18x12cm, length 2m,3m,4m).            Price: 62,90 zł/mb

Belki rustykalne

Rustic beams BCR1812 Dark

Bamboo 3d panel (Dimension 24×4,5x270cm)                Price: 129,99 zł/pcs.


Panel bambusowy

Bamboo 3d panel

Travertine panel –  (Dimension 60x30x1cm)             Price: 199,99zł/sqm



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